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E2D01 What does "command mode" mean in packet operations? / A. Your computer is ready to run packet communications software / B. The TNC is ready to receive instructions via the keyboard / C. Your TNC has received a command packet from a remote TNC / D. The computer is ready to be set up to communicate with the TNC


E2D02 What is the definition of "baud"? / A. The number of data symbols transmitted per second / B. The number of characters transmitted per second / C. The number of characters transmitted per minute / D. The number of words transmitted per minute


E2D03 Which of the follow is true when comparing HF and 2-meter packet operations? / A. HF packet typically uses FSK with a data rate of 300 baud; 2-meter packet uses AFSK with a data rate of 1200 baud / B. HF packet and 2-meter packet operations use different codes for information exchange / C. HF packet is limited to Amateur Extra class amateur licensees; 2-meter packet is open to all but Novice Class amateur licensees / D. HF and 2-meter packet operations are both limited to CW/Data-only band segments


E2D04 What is the purpose of digital store-and-forward functions on an Amateur satellite? / A. To upload operational software for the transponder / B. To delay download of telemetry until the satellite is over the control station / C. To store digital messages in the satellite for later download by other stations / D. To relay messages between satellites


E2D05 Which of the following techniques is normally used by low-earth orbiting digital satellites to relay messages around the world? / A. Digipeating / B. Store-and-forward / C. Multi-satellite relaying / D. Node hopping


E2D06 Which of the following is a commonly used 2-meter APRS frequency? / A. 144.20 MHz / B. 144.39 MHz / C. 145.02 MHz / D. 146.52 MHz


E2D07 Which of the following digital protocols is used by APRS? / A. AX.25 / B. 802.11 / C. PACTOR / D. AMTOR


E2D08 Which of the following types of packet frames is used to transmit APRS beacon data? / A. Connect frames / B. Disconnect frames / C. Acknowledgement frames / D. Unnumbered Information frames


E2D09 Under clear communications conditions, which of these digital communications modes has the fastest data throughput? / A. AMTOR / B. 170-Hz shift, 45 baud RTTY / C. PSK31 / D. 300-baud packet


E2D10 How can an APRS station be used to help support a public service communications activity? / A. An APRS station with an emergency medical technician can automatically transmit medical data to the nearest hospital / B. APRS stations with General Personnel Scanners can automatically relay the participant numbers and time as they pass the check points / C. An APRS station with a GPS unit can automatically transmit information to show a mobile station's position during the event / D. All of these choices are correct


E2D11 Which of the following data sources are needed to accurately transmit your geographical location over the APRS network? / A. The NMEA-0183 formatted data from a Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite receiver / B. The latitude and longitude of your location, preferably in degrees, minutes and seconds, entered into the APRS computer software / C. The NMEA-0183 formatted data from a LORAN navigation system / D. Any of these choices is correct

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