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  1. To help Adam reduce his fear of dogs, a therapist encourages him to physically relax and then simply imagine that he is walking toward a friendly and harmless little dog. The therapist's technique best illustrates
  2. Which of the following is a selective-serotonin-reuptake-inhibitor
  3. Hermann Rorschach introduced what has become the most widely used ________ test.
  4. Aerobic exercise ________ the body's production of serotonin and ________ its production of the endorphins.
  5. Kyle is extremely manipulative and can look anyone in the eye and lie convincingly. His deceit often endangers the safety and well-being of those around him, but he is indifferent to any suffering they might experience as a result of his actions. His behavior best illustrates
  1. a Prozac
  2. b increases, increases
  3. c systematic desensitization
  4. d antisocial personality disorder
  5. e projective

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  1. resistance
  2. panic disorder
  3. mania
  4. factor analysis
  5. biopsychosocial

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  1. Which of the following individuals is most likely to benefit from lithiumMiranda, who experiences periods of extreme sadness followed by episodes of optimistic overexcitement


  2. Freud thought that the part of a dream that we remember is a censored version ofunconscious wishes


  3. Waxy flexibility is a feature of the _____ type of schizophreniaphobia


  4. . Carl Jung emphasized the importance of ________ in personality functioning.agreeableness


  5. Mrs. Higgins believes that aliens from another planet have removed her stomach and are watching her to see how long it takes her to grow another one. Mrs. Higgins is most likely suffering froman external locus of control