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The Bible come the word billions meaning
First first Books of the Bible are named
Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy
The Bible has two main sections
Old Testament and New Testament
God relationship with the Hebrews and Israelites is portrayed in which section
The Old Testament
A solemn or sacred vow
In which section is the original covenant fulfilled
New Testament
What to the Old and New Testament have in common
Our covenant relationship to God
What are the four categories of the books of the Old Testament
Books of Law, Historical Books, Wisdom Books, Prophetic Books
The first five books of the Bible, heart of the Old Testament
Books of Law
What is another name for the Books of Law
Pentateuch or Torah or Law of Moses
The acceptance of Greek culture, language, and traditions
Eighteen books recording the warnings and promises of Israel's prophets
Prophetic Books
Sixteen books of religious history and a few "historical novellas"
Historical Books
Seven books of poetry and wise sayings
Wisdom Books
The Bible is the story of our
How many books are in the Bible?
Testament is another word for what?
The Old Testament covenants are between who
God and his Chosen People, who are called Hebrews, Israelites, or Jews
The Bible is composed of
Each book is composed of
Each chapter is composed of
The defendants of Abraham and Sarah who became known as the Israelites after the Exodus and who later were called Judea's or Jews
Hebrew people
How many books are in the Old Testament
The stories of Jesus life and ministry and the start of the Church told from four complementary faith perspectives
This book tells about the early Christian community
Seven letters written by Christ's apostles to do disciples to provide Teaching and to correct abuses in the Early church
Non-Pauline letters
14 letters by Saint Paul where his disciples rain to provide teaching and she correct abuses in the early
Pauline letters (epistles)
A book written as apocalyptic literature, during a time when Christians were being persecuted
The second coming of Christ as judge of all living and the dead at the end of time when the kingdom of God will be fulfilled
How many duetercononical books are there (Protestant Bible)
How are the Catholic Bible and the Protestant Bible different?
Catholic contained 7 more books excused from Protestant Bible called the duetercononical books