Attorneys and Agents (comprehend) [EntLaw]

Attorneys are licensed on a ...(kind of) basis
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An attorney ...(can/cannot) waive attorney-client privilege for certain informationcannot...(these people) try to find work for their clientsagentsAgents try to ...(do this)find work for their clientsAgents can negotiate ...(these kinds of) deals without an attorney's helproutineAgents can negotiate routine deals without ...(this act)an attorney's helpAgents ...(do/don't) have a fiduciary duty to their clientsdon'tAgents might not be ...(exhibiting a behavior) with production companies to preserve their reputationtoo aggressiveAgents might not be too aggressive with production companies to ...(do this)preserve their reputation...(these people) advise clients on career matters and help manage their careersmanagers