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thats nectarrrrrrrr


a toilet used in an old civil war ship that is atleast 121 years old


when a monkey bites off its own tail through its left nostril


when the roads are made unable to eat eggs off of cows in the winter


the inside of a salamanders large intestine

sick on a stick

when a giant squid excreates orange soda at 35 miles per hour


the act of eating 2lbs of spaghetti in less than 6 seconds


when an 1.5 ton aisan elephant graduates from college


green;) 70+4=74

sick on a rod

same thing as sick on a rod except a rod is thicker and made of aluminum


the act of swimming in a gaint toilet filled with caramel


bananas that have become hard candy after being dipped in molten chalk


when somebody gets thrown into a closet and a killer clown makes them poop their pants


when a young boy screams at the top of his lungs because coka cola is excreted out of his ears


rotten peaches with monkeys crawling out of it stem


half man half bear half pig or half pig quarter man half bear


meoow - cartman as a coon

gut muncher

when a man has baby's then eats them


hairy man makes soup


someone who can dunk while chuggin maple syrup


exrteemly over weight fire ant

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