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Global risks and resilience


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A real or perceived threat against any aspect of social or economic life.
'black swan' events
'Unthinkable' high-impact, hard-to-predict and rare occurrences.
Political sovereignty
The freedom of a state to govern itself fully, independent of interference by any foreign power.
Economic sovereignty
The freedom of a state from any outside intervention in its markets and trading relationships.
Sovereign wealth funds (SWFs)
Money used by state governments to purchase large overseas assets such as power stations and rail infrastructure.
Profit repatriation
A financial flow of profits from a country where a TNC has overseas operations back to the country where its headquarters are.
Transfer pricing
A financial flow occurring when one division of a TNC based in one country charges a division of the same firm based in another country for the supply of a product or a service.
Corporate migration
When a TNC changes its corporate identity, relocating its headquarters to a different country.
Someone who has migrated to live in another state but remains a citizen of the state where they were born.
Disruptive technology
A technology which brings major changes to the way people live and work instead of merely supporting and enhancing the current way things are done.
The rise of 'us and them' political movements, which are often opposed to globalization or Westernization.
The idea that every political decision in a democracy should reflect what the majority of citizens believe, not what the majority of politicians believe.
Negative externalities
Costs that arise on account of economic activity, including uncompensated-for environmental damage.
Atmospheric and ocean transfers
The planetary-scale air and water movements that result from the uneven heating of the Earth by the Sun.
Point-source pollution
The release of pollutants from a single identifiable site such as a factory chimney within one city or country.
Carbon footprint
The amount of carbon dioxide used by an individual, organization or country as they go about their everyday lives or operations.
Global governance
The term 'governance' suggests broader notions of steering or piloting rather than the direct form of control associated with 'government'.

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