3rd quarter QA review (Industrialization, Immigration & Unbanization)

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Johnson vs. McIntosh
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push factorsa factor that causes people to leave their homelands and migrate to another regionpull factorsA factor that draws or attracts people to another locationCotton Gina machine for separating cotton from its seeds.ImmigrationMigration to a new locationFactoriesplace in which workers and machines are brought together to produce large quantities of goods. Most commonly found along a river in the NE section of the US and mostly employed by young women who were paid hardly anything for their long hours of laboring in horrible conditions.Secon Great Awakeningreligious waves of spiritual gatherings which, beginning in 1800, resulted in reorganizing churches, reform, abolitionism and temperance movementsTemperance MovementA social movement against the consumption of alcoholic beverages.Education Reform Movement1830ish. Followed temperance movement and set up public schools and minimum requirements. Horace Mann was main component in movement.Seneca Falls ConventionTook place in upperstate New York in 1848. Women of all ages and even some men went to discuss the rights and conditions of women. There, they wrote the Declaration of Sentiments, which among other things, tried to get women the right to vote.AbolitionMovement to end slavery