22 terms

Modern World History chapter 8

in spanish colonial society, colonists who were born in Spain
in Spanish colonial society, colonists who were born in Latin America to Spanish parents
persons of mixed european and african ancestry
Simon Bolivar
He was a general and fighter who tried to reunite the spanish colonies of South American upper Peru was named Bolivia in his honor
Jose de San Martin
An Argentian who helped to liberate Latin America from Spain
Miguel Hidalgo
preist who beleived in Enlightenment ideas and ordered rebellion against Spanish
Jose Maria Morelos
rebels were led by him and he fought for four years but was then defeated
In the first half of the 19th century a european ussualy a wealthy landowner or noble-who wanted to preserve the traditional monarchie in Europe
In the first half of the 19th century a european- ussualy a middle class buisness leader or merchant- who wanted to give more political power to elected parliments
In the first half of the 19th century those Europeans that favored drastic change to extend democracy to all people
the belief that people should be loyal to their nation, the people with whom they share land, culture, and history
nation - state
an independent geopolitical unit of people having a common culture and identity
the Balkans
the region of southeastern Europe now occupied by Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, the European part of Turkey, and the former republics of Yugoslavia.
Louis Napolean
considered a strong ruler, he built railroads, encouraged industrialization and promoted publis works. nephew of napolean bonaparte
Alexander 2
ruler in russia during time of reform; 'tsar liberator' because he ended serfdom
the process of forcing Russian culture on all ethnic groups in the Russian empire
Camillo di Cavour
prime minister of Sardinia in 1852
Giuseppe Garibaldi
leader of rebels in May 1860
conservative members of Prussia's landowning class
Otto Von Bismark
conservative Junker who became prime minister
"the politics of reality"—the practice of tough power politics without room for idealism.
a German emperor (from the roman title Caesar)