10 terms

Comedic Devices

the usually humorous use of a word in such a way as to suggest two or more of its meanings or the meaning of another word similar in sound
Example of a Pun
A boiled egg in the morning is hard to beat.
the difference between what is said and what is expected
a combination of sarcasm, humor, and irony
Example of a Satire
Political Cartoons
a work created to mock or make fun of an original work
Slapstick Comedy
comedy characterized by silliness, absurd situations, and vigorous, often violent action.
Deadpan Humor
a form of comic delivery in which humor is presented without a change in emotion or body language , usually speaking in a casual, monotone, matter-of-fact voice. This delivery is also called dry wit.
Romantic Comedy
light-hearted, humorous plotlines, centered on romantic ideals such as true love
Situational Comedy
features recurring characters in a common environment such as a home or workplace, accompanied with jokes as part of the dialogue