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One interesting feature of the U.S. Constitution is that it is

The oldest operating consutitution the world

Like the framers at the Constitutional Convention, the creators of European Union were concerned about

A balance between the power of large and small states, the exercise of power ar the federal level, fundamental calues and unity, the jurisdiction and scope of governmental power. (All of these)

Which of the following statements concerning the colonies is incorrect?

There were no guilds of exclusive professional occupations

The goal of the First Continental Congress was to

restore harmony between Britain and the colonies

When George McGovern tried to make Watergate an issue in the 1972 election

the media rebuked him for "negative" campaigning

When Nixon resigned, Gerald Ford became the nation's first _______ president


The Declaration of Independence was based on input from many people, but its primary author was

Thomas Jefferson

John Locke's social contract theory was embodied in

the Declaration of Independence

A result of the Second Continental Congress was

the adoption of the Declaration of Independence

By signing the Declaration of Independence, the rebels

committed an act of treason

The War of Independence

lasted for longer than anyone expected

The War of Independence lasted about

six and a half years

A republic is a government

resting on the consent of the governed

In forging a new government, the biggest concern of the colonial revolutionaries was

making it as democratic as possible

A confederation can best be described as

a loose association of independent states

Originally, the Constitutional Convention's purpose was to

revise the Article of Confederation

The Consitution was written in


Which of the following statements concerning the Constitutional Convention is incorrect?

Thirteen states selected delegates

The method for choosing the president was designed to address which of the following concerns?

Distrust of the judgment of the people and the small states' fears that the large states would dominate the selection process

Which of the following best identifies the bases for state representation in the electoral college?

Number of representatives in Congress

Which of the following statements is incorrect?

None of these

In assigning the powers of government, the Constitution

lists the powers given to the national government and the powers denied the states and leaves all other powers to the states

A constitutional clause that allows for a broad interpretation of implied powers is known as a(n) ________ clause.


The Constitution requires _______ to "take care that the laws be faithfully executed" under _______ power

the president; enumerated

The Constitutional article that enabled Alaska and Hawaii to become states is

Article IV

If a state's drinking laws allowed eighteen-year-olds to drink aloholic beverages in violation of the federal government's age requirement of twenty-one, the federal government's age restriction would supercede the state's law based upon the

supremecy clause

Supporters of the Constitution named themselves


The Federalist papers were written by

Alexander Hamiltion, John Jay, James Madison

The primary contribution of the Federalist papers is

their insight into the reasons for constitutional provisions

Antifederalists attacked the proposed Constitution on the grounds that

the national government it created was too strong

The chief obstacle to ratification of the Constitution by the states was

the omission of a bill of rights

The _______ amendment protects against unreasonable seraches and seizures


The _________ amendment protects against unreasonable cruel and unusual punishment


The constitutional amendment process requires

extraordinary majorities

A newly proposed amendment to prohibit flag burning would be Amendment number


The unusual aspect of the Twenty-Seventh Amendment is that it

was proposed in 1789 and ratified in 1992

The ________ amendment guarantees citizens' right to vote cannot be denied "on account of sex."


The Supreme Court first declared that the courts have the power to overturn government acts that conflict with the Constitution in

Marbury v Madison

The framers of the Constitution intended _______ to be the stronges branch(es) of government


The struggle to decise a new constitution at the Constitutional Converntion represented an attempt to find an appropriate balance between

Freedom and Order

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