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Russo-Japanese War
Russia and Japan fighting over Manchuria (in China)
(Didn't fight a full war and Japan secretly asked USA to help negotiate peace)
Treaty of Portsmouth (1905)
Ended the Russo-Japanese War (1904-1905); signed in Portsmouth, New Hampshire after negotiations brokered by Theodore Roosevelt (for which he won the Nobel Peace Prize).
Monroe Doctrine
A statement of foreign policy which proclaimed that Europe should not interfere in affairs within the United States or in the development of other countries in the Western Hemisphere.
A policy of extending a country's power and influence through diplomacy or military force.
Motivations for imperialism
Profits, Economics, Social imperialism (solution to overpopulation), Nationalism, Religion and missionaries, Social Darwinism, Balance of Power Politics, Navy, Our Country by Josiah Strong that promoted anglo saxonism through religion
Queen of Hawaii
Queen Liliuokalani was the last reigning monarch of the Hawaiian islands. Her mission was to preserve the islands for their native residents. In 1898, Hawaii was annexed to the United States and Queen Liliuokalani was forced to give up her throne.
Hawaii plantations
sugar and pineapples
Queen Liliuokalani was forced to sign the
Bayonet constitution that gave most of her power to the planters (non-natives) in Hawaii and took voting rights away from natives
What did president Cleveland think about the coup
he didn't support it so they waited five years until they got a president who supported imperialism before they asked for annexation
Jose Marti
Cuban poet and journalist who organized a guerilla revolution against Spain in 1895- "Cuba Libre" free Cuba was his battle cry-and sought US support and intervention. The president didn't support but the citizens did. Republicans feared if they didn't go to war, Democrats would take office.
USS Maine
Ship that explodes off the coast of Cuba in Havana harbor and helps contribute to the start of the Spanish-American War
Teller Amendment
Legislation that promised the US would not annex Cuba after winning the Spanish-American war