Chapter 8: Electrochemical energy conversion

Draw a battery
Cathode, anode, electron flow, electrolyte
What constitutes a galvanic cell?
Two electrodes immersed in an electrolyte
What is the electrolyte? What are the most common types?
liquid, solid, or paste; any pH; commonly NaOH or KOH
How is electricity produced in a galvanic cell?
By consuming the anode and building up the cathode
How is a battery recharged?
Apply electricity to re-build the consumed anode
What is lithium battery's best (and worst) trait?
High specific energy = lighter/lower per use costs, but low melting temp and reactivity to water make it dangerous
Is recycling batteries attractive
No; takes 6-10 times more energy to recycle one than to make one from scratch
How is a fuel cell different from a galvanic cell?
Rely on oxidation to power the cell; anode is not "eaten up"; instead, fuel is fed to the cell