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  1. brandish
  2. finite
  3. quintessence
  4. commodious
  5. comprise
  1. a to include or contain; to be made of
  2. b to wave or flourish in a menacing or vigorous fashion
  3. c the purest essence or form of something; the most typical example
  4. d having limits; lasting for a limited time
  5. e roomy, spacious

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  1. to involve in; to connect with or be related to
  2. great confusion, disorder
  3. bending easily; bending with agility; readily adaptable; servile
  4. open to or marked by bribery or corruption
  5. to make permanent or long lasting

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  1. adroitskillful, experiment in the use of the hands or mind


  2. punitiveinflicting or aiming at punishment


  3. omniscientextremely poisonous, full of malice; spiteful


  4. cravengreat confusion, disorder


  5. insidiousintended to deceive or entrap; sly, treacherous