Middle Ages Test: The End of the Middle Ages

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Common law-
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Hundred Years' War: Why did the fighting break out?- spark is when the ___ ___ dies without an heir to the throne, his ___, an ___, was placed on the ____ throneFrench king, nephew, Englishman, FrenchHundred Years' War: weapons- ___ gained advantage early on with the use of the ___, allowed archers to shoot arrows farther and faster than the traditional ___, the ___ cut down wave after wave of charging ___ cavalry, once knocked to the ground by arrows, ___ knights could barely move because of heavy ____ they woreEnglish, longbow, crossbow, English, Frenchmen, French, armorHenry V- most famous ___ ___ during ___ ___ War, famously won ___ of ___, this French defeat gave the ____ control over most of ___ ____, as part of treaty signed Henry married the ___ ___ daughter becoming ___ to the throne of ___, appeared soon ___ would join the two land under one crownEnglish King, Hundred Years', Battle of Agincourt, English, Northern France, French King's, heir, France, EnglandJoan of Arc and role of ending the war- ___ year old ____ ___ who had ___ where ____ told her to help the ___ defeat the ____ during the ___ ___ War, Prince of ___ believed her and gave her control of the ____, she won a major victory at ___ of ____, but soon after was turned over to the ___ by some ____ who were jealous of her, in ___ she was tried for being a ___ and was ____ at the ___, later ____ in 192017, French peasant, visions, God, French, English, Hundred Years', France, army, Battle, Orleans, British, French, England, heretic, burned, stake, canonizedThe Black Death: what it was-A bacterial infection, also known as Bubonic Plague, 2 ways to die from itThe Black Plague: 2 ways to die from it- 1. Bacteria gets into ____ directly and takes over your ___ ____, this type creates swollen ___ ___ which over time turned ___ and oozed ___ and ___ , 2. Bacteria spreads to ___, when someone ___ the bacteria from their ___ are expelled into the air, other people who breathe that air can also develop this highly ___ form of ___Bloodstream, immune system, lymph gland, black, blood and puss, lungs, coughed, lungs, contagious, plagueThe Black Plague: How it spread- ___ carries ____, ___ drinks ___ blood, ___ bites ____, person with plague could spread the infection by ____, started in ___ and moved to ___, then ___ ___ pick it up and ____ on their ship brought it back to ____Rat, bacteria, flea, rat's, flea, human, coughing, Asia, Russia, Italian merchants, rats, EuropeThe Black Plague: impact on Europe- after ___ years, ___ ____ people were dead — ___ of ____ people, medieval society never ___ from the results of the ___, so many people died there were serious ___ ___ all over Europe, this led workers to demand higher ___, by the end of the 1300's ___ ___ broke out in ___, ___, ___, and ___ = ___ was dying5, 25 million, 1/3, Europe's, recovered, plague, labor shortages, wages, peasant revolts, England, France, Belgium, Italy, feudalism