Biology 3rd 9 Weeks test

1. All of the phyla included in this unit belong to which kingdom?
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11. What is a gemmule?food filled ball of amoebocyte protective coat12. What kind of symmetry do sponges have?asymmetrical13. What kind of symmetry do cnidarians have?bilateral14. What is special about coral? What is their body form and what do they secrete?symbiotic relationship w/ algae, polyp, and calcium carbonate15. Be able to recognize the life cycle of a jellyfish and know the name of its larval 68016. The stinging cells of jellyfish are called ______________.cnidocytes17. Portuguese Man of War is found in which phylum and class? What is unique about these animals?cnidaria hydrazoa18. The jelly-like substance that is present between the two layers of cells of sponges is called _____________.mesencnyme19. Phylum Ctenophora is commonly called what?comb jellies20. Another name for collar cells of sponges is ____________________.cnoanocytes21. An organism that produces both sperm and egg is called what?hermaphrodite22. Which is the phylum we have studied where we first see some of the cells organized into tissues and simple organs?phylum chidaria23. What is the cell of sponges that transports nutrients throughout the sponge as well as transporting sperm to egg?ameobocytes24. Be able to locate these areas on animals: dorsal, ventral, anterior, posterior, transverse.dorsal- back side of animal ventral- abdomen anterior- half of animal in the front posterior- half of animal in the back transverse- ?25. How does water enter and leave a sponge?pores26. In which phyla are hydra found and what are characteristics of hydra?phylum cnidaria27. Identify the four types of reefs made by coral.fringe-near shore atoll-on top underwater volcanoe barrier-middle of ocean28. Identify the two body types of cnidarians.medusa- bellshaped with tentacles hanging down polyp- fat tube with tentacles around top29. With which animal do anemones have a symbiotic relationship?clown fish aka nemo30. What is the common name for Phylum Ctenophora? What is special about these animals?comb jellies, biolumenescent