Pre-Algebra exam VOCAB

38 terms by pJuneau

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Absolute Value

the distance of a number from 0 on a number line

Addition Property of Equality

if a=b then a+c=b+c

Additive Identity

when you add a number and 0 and the sum is the original number

Associative Property of Addition

(a+b)+c = a+(b+c)

Associative Property of Multiplication

(ab)c = a(bc)


is the repeated factor of a number written in exponential form


a number that multiplies a variable

Commutative Property of Addition

a+b = b+a

Commutative Property of Multiplication

ab = ba

Composite number

an integer greater than 1 with more than two factors


a term that has no variable

Distance Formula



a math sentence with an = symbol

Equivalent Fractions

a fraction that describes the same part of a whole


a number that shows how many times a base is used


a number that is multiplied by another number to find a product


the greatest factor that 2 numbers share

Identity Property of Addition

sum of a number and zero is that original number

Identity Property of multiplication

product of a number and zero is that original numer


uses the symbols <, >, or =


whole numbers and their opposites


the least number that is a common multiple

Like terms

terms with the same variables raised to the same power


sum of a set of data divided by the # of data items


the middle number of a set of data


the number that occurs most often

Multiplicative Identity

product of a number and 1 is that number

Order of Operations


Ordered Pair

the X and Y coordinates


intersection of the X and Y axises


much higher or lower than the other numbers

Prime Numbers

only factors are 1 and itself


two numbers with a product of 1


a number, variable, or symbol


a letter that stands for a number

Variable Expression

math phrase that uses variables, numbers, and symbols


Horizontal line on a scale


vertical line on a scale

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