121 terms

civics exam review

people, authority, territory
what are the basic characteristics of government?
provide public service, resolve social conflict, provide a stable economy, protection
why do we need government?
public schools, roads and welfare
what are examples of public services provided by the government?
what does the government provide to settle disputes
is the most important job of the government maintaining order?
federal republic
what is the system of government that best describes the US?
is a political party a group of people with common ideas on government who unite to try to influence government?`
voters hold all the power and reps use that power for themselves
rule by a religious group
rule by one person; ex: dicatator
economy is controlled by everyone for the common good
based on private ownership of prodcution and economic freedom
the absence of goverment
rule by a king, queen or emperor
rule by many
rule by few people like communism
government ownership and control over the entire economy
totalitarian government
a government in which the ideas of a single leader or a small group are the only way
maintain social order
what is the most imporant reason we need a government/
federal system
power is shared between the national government and the state government
democrats and replubicans are the 2 competeing parties in the US
political party
a group of people with common ideas on government who unite to try to influence governmetn
raise taxes
as a result of the magna carta, the english king had to seek approval from the parliament in order to...
a phiolsopher who contributed to the idea of Seperation of powers
john locke
a philosopher who believed taht all people were born with equal and certain "natural rights"
french and indian war
what occured in the late 1750s and early 1760s that caused the British government to begin to enforrce the laws and collect the taxes they were supposed to against the colonists?
salutary neglect
the british did not strictly enforce the laws on the colonies
bill of rights
a list of right and privileges that citizens of the united states possess
after declaring independence from great britian, what was the new form of government the US took?
articles of confederation
what was the first written consitution of the newly formed US?
where was most the power in the articles of confederation?
make laws
the primary job of the legislative branch is to..?
seperation of powers
the division of authority between the 3 brranches of government is..
judicial branch
interpret and apply laws
executive branch
enforce laws
checks and balances
allows each branch to have some control over the other 2, makes sure 1 branch doesn't get too powerful
who is the head of the executive branch?
declare war, create army or navy, tax
what are the 3 powers given to congress in article one of the consitution?
how old must you be to become a senator?
in the state you represent
in order to become a senator or representative, you must live...
number of senators per state..
what kind of powers did article one of the consitution give congress?
can a president completey rewrite a bill and sign the new version and make it into a law?
house of representatives and senate
before a bill can be sent to the president, it must first be passed by
can a bill become a law once the president signs it?
the congress can override a president's veto on a bill with a ___ majority vote.
the minimum age you have to be to run for president is 30 years old..
do you have to be born in the US in order for you to be able to run for president?
4 years
what is one term of a president?
who must approve of the government officials and treaties a president makes?
head of state
the president is the leader and the living symbol of our country
chief executive
the president runs the executive branch and makes sure laws are carried out
party leader
the president promotes the importtant ideas of his political party
cheif legislator
the president proposes laws to congress and pushes them to pass laws which he wants
commander in cheif
the president is responsible for the control of the military and directs troops
cheif diplomat
the president directs foreign policy and works with other countries
economic planner
the presiden is responsible to help the nations economy
advise and assist
the primary jobs of the President's Cabinet are to ____ him.
the length of a term for a federal judge or justice is
how many justices are in the US supreme court?
what is the only crime defended in the consitution?
what fraction of states must approve an amendment for it to be added to the consitution?
protection and a republican form of government.
what 2 things does the national government guarantee each state?
can congress amend the constitution without the approval of anyone else?
supremacy clause
Article VI of the constitution is known as the...?
federal system
the national government shares power with the state government
what is an example of a concurrent power?
petit jury
determines guilty or innocence.
grand jury
determines if there is enough evidence
major crime
minor crime
are most crimes committed violations of state law?
supreme court
what is the highest judicial authority in the state of tennessee?
who is the states executive branch run by?
metro council
the legislative branch of nashville's government
special district
a school board is an example of a ___ district.
the head of nashville's executive branch
who helps enforce county laws in tennessee?
zoning ordinance
setting aside land in a city for different uses
T/F: the mayor responsible for making laws for nashville.
supereme court
highest court in the judicial branch
general assembly
tennessee's legislature which includes 99 reps and 33 senators
commander and cheif
what is not one of the main responsibilites of the governor?
tennessee's state legislature has ___ reps and ___ senators
line-item veto
it allows the governor to get rid of parts bills rather than the whole thing
for the first 100 years of our country, were immigrants encouraged or discouraged to setting in the US
what amendment defines who a US citizen is?
how old must you be to become a US citizen?
jus soli
most babies born in the US are automatically US citizens.
do you have to have a high school diploma to be able to become a US citizen?
the process an immigrant goes through to become a US citizen
about how many immigrants come to the US each year?
which of the following is NOT one of the 5 states with the highest number of illegal immigrants? florida, texas, new york, texas, California.
about how many percent of babies born in the US are to illegal immigrants?
enemy alien
a person living in a country that is at war with the country which he or she is a citizen
the process that an immigrant goes through to become a US citizen
illegal alien
a person who moves into the United states without permission
a native of a country or someone who is a naturalized in a country who owes allegiance to the government and has certain rights and privileges.
a person who moves to another country
a person who flees a country for safety
non-resident alien
a person working in the United States temporarily who is not a citizen and does not have a permanent residence
resident alien
a person who is not a citizen but legally lives in the united states
being given certain rights, duties, and privileges of a citizen
a person living in a country who has not become a citizen yet
jus sanguinis
babies who are born to US citizens are automatically US citizens no matter where they are born
immmigration and control
what act of 1986 punished businesses that hired illegal immigrants?
pure speech
normal spoken communicationin public or private
symbolic speech
freedom of expression; EX: burning a flag
establishment clause
the government can not make an official religion that all people must follow nor can they favor one religion over the others
seditious speech
speech that encourages or provokes the overthrow of a government
clear and present danger
speech that threatens the safety of the country or the safety of individuals
false SPEECH that damages a person's character or repuation
written WORDS that damage a person's character or repuatation
fighting words
speech so insulating that it provokes violence
double jeopardy
once a person has been tried once for a crime and found innocent, they cannot be tried again for the same crime
right to remain silent
"nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself"
eminent domain
when the government takes private property and uses it for public use
due process
means the government must act fairly and within the guidelines of the established rules and laws
who must a search warrant be issued by?
bill of rights
what are the first 10 amendments known as?
can anyone, regardless of age or criminal background, legally purchase and carry a gun?