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  1. reinforcement
  2. corner seams
  3. serpentine
  4. Regulation
  5. clipping
  1. a 1 mm or 24 spi or
    regulation at 1/4 into the seam allowance. (used in armholes and crotch)
  2. b reduce stitch length around corners
  3. c on an insider curve, so that it can stretch to flat better.
  4. d 1.7 - 2.4 mm or 10-14 spi
  5. e #4. lengthen to 1 1/2 and stitch so that the edge of the curve goes over the fabric.

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  1. sleeves or board
  2. press at 1/4 and then sew at 1/4
  3. is on an outward curve so that it can lay flat. removes excess fabric.
  4. 3-4 mm 6-8 spi
  5. cutting to shorter lengths. We do this to reduce reduce bulk. Usually paired with grading.

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  1. Easetrue bias is 45 degrees and bias is the diagonal. Drapes beautifully, very expensive.


  2. unlike curvesblind stitch on the machine #7.


  3. WarpCrosswise yarn; semi stable. Hangs across the body. determines the weave.


  4. blind hem#2 stitch on edge. Catch the outside.


  5. french seamreduce stitch length around corners