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  1. Machine Needle sizing
  2. Warp
  3. curved seams
  4. Flat Collars best for
  5. Regulation
  1. a bias binding
  2. b lengthwise yarn; most stable direction. Hangs lengthwise on the body. On the loom first.
  3. c 1.7 - 2.4 mm or 10-14 spi
  4. d finer fabric, smaller needle. 80/12 is normal.
  5. e reinforce areas that will be clipped

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  1. check the threading, and if the needle and bobbin/ bobbin case are in correctly. Then check tension.
  2. cutting to shorter lengths. We do this to reduce reduce bulk. Usually paired with grading.
  3. darts and curves
  4. 2.4-3 mm or 8-10 spi
  5. 3-4 mm 6-8 spi

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  1. reinforcementblind stitch on the machine #7.


  2. serpentine#4. lengthen to 1 1/2 and stitch so that the edge of the curve goes over the fabric.


  3. sleeve boardSew wrong sides together at 3/8, trim to 1/4, and then fold so that right sides together and then stitch at 1/4.


  4. gathering techniquessecures the facing to allowances. at an 1/8 or closer.


  5. clean finishsew at 5/8. pressed under at 1/4 and stitched less than an 1/8


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