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The plastic problem


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a circular motion of water in each of the major ocean basins
The biggest garbage patch is located in
The North pacific ocean
A cautionary film about having a throw away society and not changing our consumer ways
Wall e
Sustainability is
The ability to keep in existence or maintain.
Mind boggling means
very difficult to imagine or to understand; extremely surprising
consumption is
the using up of a something, buying, shopping
A Ban
to forbid, to not do something,
Able to be broken down naturally
Over half of the plastic comes from these nations
China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Sri Lanka
As of June 1st 2019 Vancouver will have ...
A ban on straws as well as polystyrene foam!
This popular company that creates some of the most amazing characters and movies is also working on banning straws.
The Walt Disney Company!
Starbucks will try to ban straws WORLDWIDE by...
Plastics can be good and very helpful in
The Medical community
Another great aspect of plastics in terms of travel
They make aircraft and vehicles lighter therefore more fuel efficient
An young entrepreneur who started a movement to help the earth!
Milo Cress
What was the name of the movement that Milo started!?
Be Straw Free: The Anti-straw movement
Gross Domestic Product- the total market value of all final goods and services produced annually in an economy
Mexico has the largest
Global economy!
A tax on imported goods
Most plastic waste is recycled
FALSE it is thrown away!
What city was the first to ban straws in North America
These animals have fallen victim to eating plastics
Sea birds
Tiny plastic pellets
microbeads, microplastics
A person who starts up and takes on the risk of a business and they often invent new and amazing consumer items, services!
Bio plastics will be made from
cornstarch, roots and sugarcane
Single use means
Disposable items cannot be used more than once
Income tax
tax by a government directly on income, especially an annual tax on personal income
adequate means
enough, sufficient
taking action to influence others, speaking up for others who cannot
Stewardship means to
Looking after something so it can be passed on to the next generation