26 terms

Magruder's American Government Chapter 10 Review

vocab and main idea questiong
two year period of time during which congress meets
period of time when congress assembles and conducts business
suspend, as in a session of congress, until the next session
adjourn, as in a legislative session; the president can do it when the two houses can't agree on a date for adjournment
special session
a session of a legislative body called to handle am emergency situation
distribute, as in seats in a legislative body
redistribute the house seats after a census
off year election
congressional elections that occur between presidential elections
single member district
when each district votes for a representative from that district
at large
elected from the state as a whole, rather than by district
when districts have been drawn to the advantage of a political party
continuous body
when all of the senate's seats are not up for election at the same time
the people and interests the senators represent
people who act on independent judgments rather than the views of their constituents
lawmakers who owe their first allegiance to their political party
people who combine trustee and partisan views
oversight function
when congress, through its committees, checks to see that various agencies in the executive branch are working effectively
franking privilege
a benefit that allows members to mail letters and other materials postage free
why have special sessions lost their importance?
because congress meets nearly year round
what are the constitutional qualifications that all members of the house must meet?
25, citizen for 7 years, live in that state
what are the informal qualifications that members of the house should meet?
party identification, name familiarity, gender, experience
in what ways does the long six year term affect how senators vote, how does this confirm the framers' intentions for the senate?
less subject to public opinion because of job security, more media, big picture
qualifications for the senate?
30, citizen for 9 years, inhabitant of that state
do the members of congress reflect a cross section of the american people?
no, most are white
when deciding how to vote, what does a delegate consider?
they would vote the way they think the "folks back home" would vote
how are members of congress compensated for their work?
franking privilege, free printing, tax deductions, pension, retirement, various other privileges