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the pilgrims burden is a direct result of his....

reading of the word

the phrase that gave bunyan assurance of his salvation was...

"and yet there is room"

although bunyan produced the greatest work of chistian literature, he was foremost a


the dream of the narrator of the book takes place in what the original version calls a den, which symbolizes the bedford


the ability to govern and diciplined oneself is


the greek word meaning called out that is applied to the church is


the material used to heal christians woudns came from the

tree of life

the valley od the shadow of death is a continuation of the

valley of humiliation

when christian discovered that his sword was useless in the valley, he used

all prayer

the one word that best characterizes talkative is


bunyans personal valley of the shadow of death is recounted in his book

grace abounding

the desire to live for material thing is

the lust of the eyes

when the merchants od vanity fair cried out for the pilgrims to buy their goods, the pilgrims

put their fingers in their ears

the shepherds of the delecable mountains represent

faithful preachers

the delectable mountains symbolize

blessings of gods word

christian________ as an example of the negative consequences of following by-ends reasoning


to make money, by-ends was williing to change his


when he took them to the castle-yard, despair showed the pilgrims

bones of martyrs

the word that means to think or meditate about is


giant despiars home was called

doubting castle

the man who disciolined the pilgrims for following a deciever was the

shining one

the flatterer was a false prophet who changed himseld into

an angel of light

another name for the flatterer was the


after they had been disciplined how did the pilgrims respond to the person who had rebuked and punished them?

thanked him

who concluded,..'the hope that i first had i now know doesnt exist?"


a good example of someone who prayed sincerely and did good deeds but was still unsaved was


ignorance came from the country of


what does reprnt mean

to change ones mind

only when a man sees himself as a _________ will he be in a position to trust christ

sinner bound for hell

people often make a show od godliness for a while but their unsaved condition eventually will be revealed because like a dog they will return to their


beulah was on the borders of


the conversation of christian and hopeful in this lesson focuses on a man named


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