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Humans are depicted in the Enuma Elish as...

Savages created to be servants

The remains in the burial pit of Queen Shub-Ad at Ur suggest...

The people of Ur believed in an afterlife similar to that of this world

Unlike the code of Hammurabi, the code of Ur-Nammu ...

Had more crimes punished by fines

The ziggurat at Ur was believed to be the place where

The god of the city lived

The climate of Mesopotamia is generally...

Hot and humid in the summer and moderate with flooding in the winter

According to the archaeological remains of Ur and Uruk (and the geography of Mesopotamia) the main building material for public buildings was...

Mud brick

One of the defining characteristics of the Enuma Elish is...

The earth is created from a slain enemy.

The Royal Standard of Ur most strongly suggests...

Ur received taxes from the herders and farmers of the countryside.

The Umma and Lagash text most strongly suggests...

Control of farmlands between cities was a source of conflict in Sumer.

The religion of the Sumerians was primarily focused on...

Ensuring the prosperity of the city

In addition to noting that his mother was a goddess Ur-Nammu also promoted his close relationship with the gods by...

Building the Great Ziggurat

(True/False) According to the archaeological remains of Ur and Uruk, cities in Sumer generally had monumental temples.


(True/False) According to the archaeological remains of Ur and Uruk, cities in Sumer generally had large defensive walls.


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