Trimester 2 Exam (2017)

America's Industrial Revolution began here. . .
New England
Invented the Cotton Gin
Eli Whitney
When President Harrison died, he became president
John Tyler
What was the act that forced Native Americans to relocate?
Indian Removal Act
The first president to be known as "the common man's" president
Andrew Jackson
A candidate for President, who was Speaker of the House in 1824
Henry Clay
This revolution changed the way people worked
Industrial Revolution
This person was a strong supporter of "States Rights"
John C. Calhoun
A great leader, helped create many compromises (like the Missouri Compromise)
Henry Clay
The election of 1824 was decided by
The House of Representatives
This gives inventors sole legal rights to their inventions
The call for a tariff to promote growth in American industries was a part of . . .
The American System
This presidential candidate of 1824 was the son of a former president.
John Quincy Adams
This was the campaign symbol for Wm. H. Harrison in the 1840 election
A Log Cabin
The first major road to connect the East to the West
The National Road
The name given to the time of President Monroe
The Era of Good Feelings
The trail used by pioneers in heading West
The Oregon Trail
The "first" empresario - but died before bringing people to Texas
Moses Austin
A govt. permit to operate the Bank of the US
How Great Britain and US shared Oregon
Joint Occupation
Texas separated from this country in it's quest for independence
These 3 countries all claimed Oregon at one time, US, Great Britain, Spain, and. . .
A group who takes the law into their own hands.
The US wanted THIS RIVER to be the border with Mexico
Rio Grande
After the election of 1824, John Q. Adams named Henry Clay as what cabinet position? The Secretary of . ..
Who led the Mormons to settle at Salt Lake City, Utah
Brigham Young
The philosophy that the United States was supposed to settle all the way to the Pacific,
Manifest Destiny
This state threatened to secede from the Union in 1833?
South Carolina
In 1824, this candidate was popular with the merchants in the Northeast
John Quincy Adams
The 3 parts to James K. Polk's war plan
Secure the border with Mexico
Seize California
Capture Mexico City
The practice of replacing govt. employees with a candidate's supporters
Spoils System
An event at was short in time, but had lasting effects on California
The Gold Rush
Santa Anna was captured at this battle
Battle of San Jacinto
Henry Clay and John C. Calhoun were known as this because they supported the War of 1812 with Great Britain
War Hawks
Among the first settlers in Oregon, besides the trappers.
Mountain Men made their living as
The court case that was ruled in FAVOR of the Cherokee
Worcester v. Georgia
With what purchase did the US gain it's present size?
Gadsden Purchase
The Cherokee leader who chose to STAY in Georgia
John Ross
The Cherokee who invented the Cherokee alphabet
The Seminole leader who fought the US
South Carolina threatened to _____ because of the Tariff of Abominations
The three leaders of the Alamo
Davy Crockett
Jim Bowie
William Travis
People who moved to California during the gold rush
Towns that grew very quickly during the Gold Rush
The route the Cherokee took when they moved West
Trail of Tears
The Compromise that allowed Missouri and Maine into the Union
Missouri Compromise
Cherokee, Seminole, Chocktaw, Creek and Chicksaw were know as. . .
Five Civilized Tribes
Famous "conductor" on the Underground Railroad
Harriet Tubman
Jackson did not want to allow this state into the Union because he was afraid it would upset the Free/Slave state balance in the Congress
The man-made water route between Buffalo and Albany, New York
Erie Canal
Southern farmers who did NOT own slaves and had farms of 50-200 acres.
Led a slave revolt in Virginia
Nat Turner
The South had few ______ that was a disadvantage, especially during the Civil War
Invented the mechanical reaper
Cyrus McCormick