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what percentage of earth's surface is covered by water ?

c. 71 %

which of the world's oceans is the largest and deepest ?

d. pacific ocean

which of these features is NOT found on the ocean floor?

c. river

what does sonar equipment measure?

b. the depth of the ocean floor

scientists use satellites to measure the

c. sea- surface height

which of the following areas is NOT one of the three main regions of the ocean floor?

c. continental rock

the continental margins of the pacific ocean are?

b. narrower than those of the atlantic and are not covered with thick layers of sediment

trenches form at sites where?

a. one plate descends beneath another

abyssal plains are very flat features that form when?

b. turbidity currents deposit sediments on the ocean floor

which of the following forms at mid-ocean ridges?

d. new ocean floor

the three types of ocean floor sediments are classifies according to their ?

b. origin

terrigenous sediment consist primarily of mineral grains eroded from?

c. continental rocks

from which type of material does biogenous sediment form?

a. once-living organisms

hydrogenous sediment is made up of?

d. minerals that crystallize directly from ocean waters

what are two major energy sources obtained from the ocean floor?

d. oil and natural gas

which of the following areas does NOT contain major deposits of energy resources?

b. hudson bay

most oceanic gas hydrates form when?

a. bacteria break down organic matter in seafloor sediments

gas hydrates are compacted chemical structures made of natural gas and ?

b. water

which offshore resources are second only to petroleum in economic value ?

d. sand and gravel

manganes nodules are

b. lumps of manganese and other metals found on the ocean floor

eart is often calles the "blue planet" because _____ covers much of its surface


the world ocean can be divided into ___ main basins


the measurement of ocean depth and the mapping of the topography of the ocean floor is called _____


the ship HMS ______ made the first study of the global ocean in the 1870s


scientists can use ________ sonar to get a profile of a strip of ocean floor instead of simple sonar which maps only a point on the ocean floor every few seconds


a small underwater craft used for deep-sea research is a _____


the _____ is the gently sloping submerhed surface extending from the shoreline

continental shelf

the diagram shows a wide continental margin along the coast of the ______ ocean


the features at A are submarine ____


the continental margin slopes down to the _____ plain on the ocean floor


occasional movements of dense sediment-rich water down the continental slope are ______ currents


the steep continental slope merges into a more gradual incline known as continental ___


seamounts are submerged ________ on the ocean floor

volcanic peaks

the deepest known place on earth is the _______ in the pacific ocean's mariana trench

challenger deep

the mid-ocean ridge is an interconnected system of underwater _____


most of the ocean floor is covered by depositis of _____


the two types of biogenous sediments are _______ ooze and _____ ooze

calcareous and siliceous

when metals precipitate around grains of sand, a ______ nodule can form


calcium carbonate is a type of hydrogenous sediment that can be buried and harden into ____


enviormental concerns about offshore oil drilling include oil _____ which can pollute water


gas hydrates burn because they release ____ and other flammable gases as they evaporate


some off shore sand ad gravel deposits contain valuable materials such as precious metals and _____


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