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  1. Rafaela
  2. bum-man
  3. Minerva
  4. Edna
  5. aunt
  1. a poetry writer
  2. b Ruthies mom,, throw out, very childish
  3. c locked up; Rapunzel; bring her coconut juice and papaya juice
  4. d played game mimicking her, sick, died
  5. e asked him if he likes shoes; compliments

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  1. Queen of cats, moves away
  2. hopes to be rescued;princess;Louie's cousin; beauty
  3. throws pennies at Esperanza
  4. busts Esperanza for eating at school
  5. main character

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  1. Vargasestoo many kids; angel falls and dies...?


  2. Esperanza's great-grandmothernamed after her, horse woman (born), wild and wouldn't marry until her husband through a sack over her head and threw her off


  3. ElenitaRuthies mom,, throw out, very childish


  4. Mamacitafat lady, doesn't come out bc she doesnt know English and she fears it


  5. NennyRuthies mom,, throw out, very childish