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  1. Nenny
  2. Minerva
  3. Lucy and Rachel
  4. Marin
  5. aunt
  1. a played game mimicking her, sick, died
  2. b hopes to be rescued;princess;Louie's cousin; beauty
  3. c poetry writer
  4. d Esperanza's sister
  5. e Esperanza's neighbors and share red bike

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  1. Actually Juan; had a tree for first Tarzan contest he won (broke both arms)
  2. lies about boy stuff; Egyptian look; gets married
  3. Queen of cats, moves away
  4. named after her, horse woman (born), wild and wouldn't marry until her husband through a sack over her head and threw her off
  5. psychic, palm reader, tells home in heart

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  1. Esperanzamain character


  2. Sirethrows pennies at Esperanza


  3. Louiecool cadilac, Marin's cousin, handcuffed


  4. Geraldolies about boy stuff; Egyptian look; gets married


  5. Mamacitafat lady, doesn't come out bc she doesnt know English and she fears it