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  1. Sire
  2. Esperanza
  3. Alicia
  4. aunt
  5. Louie
  1. a cool cadilac, Marin's cousin, handcuffed
  2. b main character
  3. c played game mimicking her, sick, died
  4. d throws pennies at Esperanza
  5. e scared of mice; suspicious abuse

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  1. psychic, palm reader, tells home in heart
  2. fat lady, doesn't come out bc she doesnt know English and she fears it
  3. busts Esperanza for eating at school
  4. asked him if he likes shoes; compliments
  5. Ruthies mom,, throw out, very childish

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  1. Oriental manwants birthday kiss at job/Peter Pan photo finishers


  2. CathyQueen of cats, moves away


  3. NennyRuthies mom,, throw out, very childish


  4. Mr. Bennygrocery store man


  5. Meme Ortizpoetry writer


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