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  1. Primary Sex Characteristics
  2. Agentic Professions
  3. 5 inches
  4. Memory
  5. Decentering
  1. a characteristics that are associated with the development of the organs and structures of the body that directly relate to reproduction.
  2. b The ability to take multiple aspects of a situation into account.
  3. c The process by which information is initially recorded, stored, and retrieved.
  4. d Occupations associated with relationships.
  5. e How Much can a Teen Grow in a year?

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  1. Who starts puberty 1st?
  2. Male Hormones
  3. The period of cognitive development between 7 and 12 years of age, characterized by the active and appropriate use of logic.
  4. Do more or less of 16-17 year olds have jobs? and 58% of 15 year olds do.
  5. The concept that American society is made up of diverse, coequal cultures that should preserve their individual features.

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  1. Secondary Sex CharacteristicsThe visible signs of sexual maturity that do not involve the sex organs directly.


  2. Kohlberg's Stages of Moral ReasoningPreconventional: rewards and punishment
    Conventional: "good" boy or "bad" boy
    Postconventional: concerned about the greater good


  3. Gizberg's Stages of Career ChoiceFantasy Period: career choices are made and discarded.
    Tentative Period: Begin to think pragmatically about career choices.
    Realistic Period: Explore career choices through experiences/training and settle on a career commitment.


  4. Personal FablesThe onset of menstruation


  5. Learning Disabilitiesmakes adolescene feel invincible