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-ic, -al, -ical, -ac
pertaining to
-um, -is, -a, - us, -on
noun ending; used to form the name of a thing from the root
-cle, -ule
small, little
-ance, -ancy, -ence
a state or condition; the act of
-an, -ian, -ician
of or belonging to; frequently a person belonging to or associated with
the act of or result of an action; a condition or quality
a disease or unhealthy state/condition
-ar, -ary
pertaining to; having a connection with
means of; instrument for
used in the naming of chemical compounds
one who practices; one who does; one who is concerned with
noun ending; frequently means place or region, lining or covering tissue
pertaining to a small or little; pertaining to a small version of the thing indicated by the main part of the word
to perform; to put into action; to bring about
affected by, having; frequently, one who is affected by
toward, in the direction of
having the same form; shaped like; resembling
action; condition resulting from action
roughly meaning "more toward"
action; result; that which does something or has some particular function
full of; abounding in; having
result of an action; means of an action
plural ending for words ending in an "a"
-ant, -tic
pertaining to; having the characteristics of
-ation, -ition
a process, action, or condition
process or condition
the body of facts, knowledge, matters, etc., pertaining to a subject and hence a science or art; the study of
organic compounds such as carbohydrates and protein
in a manner, in a way, by way of, toward
plural ending similar to -s
pertaining to; being
state; quality; instance of being
abnormal condition
part of the body or bodily organ
process or action
to do; to categorize in a specified way
condition or character
of; relating to; having the nature or quality of
a person or thing that does something or has a particular function
pertaining to blood
-ist, -ician
specialist, doctor, physician