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The period of political disorder and chaotic warfare that followed the Qin-Han era is referred to as the...

Era of Division

What made possible the rapid revival of empire under the Tang?

The rebuilding of the imperial bureaucracy using confucian ideology.

What led to the downfall of the Sui dynasty?

Unsuccessful military campaigns

Which of the following statements concerning entry into the Chinese bureaucracy is most accurate?

Birth and family connections continued to be important in securing high office.

What was the result of the imperial attempt by the Tang to suppress Buddhism within the Chinese empire?

Buddhism survived the repression, but in a reduced state without the political influence of the early Tang years.

How did the Song empire compare to the Tang?

The Song empire was smaller in territorial extent that the Tang Empire.

What caused the flight of the Song Dynasty from its capital in northern China?

A rebellion led by a nomadic general, An Lushan.

Which of the following was NOT an economic development during the period of commercial expansion during the Tang and Song dynasties?

Military domination of the seas.

In what way did foot binding serve to diminish the independence of Chinese women by the end of the Song era?

It sufficiently crippled women and confined them to their household.

In which of the following Japanese periods was Chinese cultural influence most significant?

Taika period

What group so threatened the security of the Japanese imperial court in the 8th century that the imperial family moved to Heian?

Buddhist monks

What appears to have been the primary concerns at the imperial Japanese court at Heian?

Social interaction and status

Which of the following statements concerning the rise of a provincial military elite during the 10th century Japan is not correct?

The rose of the provincial elite corresponded to the recovery of the imperial gov. and its overthrow of the aristocracy of the court.

What was the impact of the Samurai on the peasantry in Japan?

Japanese peasants were reduced to the status of serfs bound to the land they worked.

The development of regional power bases in Japan among the warrior elites of the countryside corresponded to what events in China?

The decline of the Tang dynasty.

What gov. replaced the Kamakura regime in the early 14th century?

Ashik a shogunate

How did the principles of warfare change under the daimyos?

Warfare based on spying, timely assaults, wise command and organization of massive armies replaced heroic combat.

During the period of warring daimyos, what was the factor that led to a revival of Chinese influence on the cultural level?

Zen Buddhism

Which of the following statements concerning the status of women during the era of the daiymos is most accurate?

Women were excluded from inheritance and treated as defenseless appendages of their warrior fathers or husband.

Which of the following statements concerning Korean bureaucracy under the influence of China is most accurate?

Korea establish a Confucian examination system on the Chinese model, but admission to the bureaucracy was determined by birth.

Which of the following cultural traits was not introduced into Vietnam from China following the Han conquest off 111 BC?

Chinese reliance on the Nuclear family.

Following the assertion of Vietnamese independence from China in the tenth century, what aspects of Chinese culture were retained by the Vietnamese rulers?

The Chinese administration based on the Confucian examination system.

Which of the following statements concerning the Ottoman empire is most accurate?

The expansionist power of the Ottoman Empire was very real, but the fixation of conquests and administration overshadowed wider commercial ambitions.

What was the innovation launched by the Ming dynasty?

Mounting huge, state sponsored trading expeditions throughout Asia and beyond.

Which of the following was NOT a contributing factor the the economic crises of the 14th century?

Withdrawal from the regional trading network.

Strong regional monarchies took hold in the decades around 1400 in...

Spain and Portugal

In comparison to medieval culture, Renaissance culture was...

more concerned with things of the earthly world.

What was unique about the development of states in the Iberian peninsula?

Spain and Portugal developed effective new governments with a special sense of religious mission and religious support.

The practice of judging other people by the standards and practices of ones own culture of ethnic group is...


Which of the following was NOT a result of the European contact with Sub-Saharan Africa after 1500?

Regional kingdoms lost all influence in West Africa and were replaced by European governments.

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