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  1. melodioso(a)
  2. de mal gusto
  3. la función
  4. Sería buena idea ir al concierto de la sinfónica.
  5. Lo siento, pero ya tengo otros planes.
  1. a performance
  2. b It would be a good idea to go to the symphony.
  3. c I'm sorry but I already have other plans.
  4. d in bad taste
  5. e melodic

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  1. play
  2. It's great.
  3. Do you want to come to...with me?
  4. rhythm
  5. I recommend that you go to the folk dance performance. It's very...

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  1. la comediacomedy or play


  2. creativo(a)artistic


  3. No te olvides de ir al ensayo de la banda.Don't forget to go to band practice.


  4. formidablegreat, tremendous


  5. estridentegreat, tremendous