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  1. las artes dramáticas
  2. ¿Me acompañas a...?
  3. Te aconsejo que vayas a la presentación de baile folclórico. Es muy...
  4. Gracias por invitarme, pero yo lo/la he visto.
  5. la melodía
  1. a melody
  2. b Do you want to come to...with me?
  3. c I recommend that you go to the folk dance performance. It's very...
  4. d Thanks for inviting me, but I've already seen it.
  5. e dramatic arts

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  1. It's better for you to see the opera.
  2. (critical) review
  3. great, tremendous
  4. terrible
  5. I'm sorry but I already have other plans.

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  1. Ya tengo otro compromiso.comedy or play


  2. el ritmorhythm


  3. estridenteto present


  4. la obra (de teatro)orchestra


  5. ¿Por qué no vamos a...?Do you want to come to...with me?