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  1. Gracias, pero tengo much que hacer.
  2. Gracias por invitarme, pero yo lo/la he visto.
  3. estridente
  4. el escenario
  5. desempeñar
  1. a to play
  2. b Thanks, but I have a lot to do.
  3. c stage/scenery
  4. d shrill
  5. e Thanks for inviting me, but I've already seen it.

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  1. It's better for you to see the opera.
  2. It's great.
  3. performance
  4. Why don't we go to...?
  5. lyrics

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  1. ¿Te interesa ir a...?Do you want to come to...with me?


  2. Ya tengo otro


  3. el públicothe role of


  4. artístico(a)terrible


  5. la melodía(critical) review