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Davey Crockett

1. A Democrat turned Jacksonian (whig)
2. Served in Congress and Senate
3. Heroic soldier

James Madison

1. "Father of the Constitution"
2. Two terms as President

James K. Polk

1. Manifest Destiny
2. "Expansionist President"
3. Oregon/California

John Adams

1. Signer of Declaration of Independence
2. Served as President

Elizabeth Stanton

1. Declaration of Women's Sentiments
2. Women's Rights Activist

Marquis de Lafayette

1. Helped defeat Cornwallis
2. Assisted Washington in revolution

Ralph Waldo Emerson

1. Poet/writer
2. Leader of transcendentalist movement

Stephen A. Douglass

1. Kansas/Nebraska Act
2. Popular Sovereignty
3. Lincoln-Douglass Debates

Thomas Jefferson

1. 3rd President
2. Declaration of Independence
3. First Democratic Republican President

Aaron Burr

1. Killed Alexander Hamilton
2. Was Vice President for Jefferson
3. Later became a radical: wanted to break from U.S./treason


1. Assisted Lewis & Clark in exploring Louisiana Territory

James Monroe

1. Monroe Doctrine
2. President during "era of good feelings" (misnomer)

Paul Revere

1. Sons of Liberty
2. Midnight Rider
3. "Regulators are out"
4. "The British are coming"

Andrew Jackson

1. Indian Removal Act
2. Trail of Tears
3. Spoil System
4. 1st Democratic President
5. VETOED Bank

Daniel Shay

1. Shay's Rebellion
2. Articles of Confederation weak and need change

Samuel de Champlain

1. "Father of New France"
2. Found Quebec

Ben Franklin

1. Discovered electricity
2. The enlightenment
3. "First Citizen" (American)

William Lloyd Garrison

1. The Liberator (newspaper)
2. Radical Abolitionist

John Brown

1. Pottawatomie Massacre
2. Hung: murdered five southern slave owners
3. Abolitionists
4. Harper Ferry's raid (unsuccesful)

George Washington

1. "Father of our Country"
2. First President

Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana

1. Mexican military leader
2. Won battle of Alamo (defeat U.S.)

Meriwether Lewis

1. Private secretary of Jefferson
2. Worked with Clark on exploration of Louisiana Territory

Frederick Douglass

1. Slave > won freedom
2. Signed Declaration of Sentiments

John Marshall

1. Chief Justice of Supreme Court
2. Democratic
3. Ruled during "One Party Rule"
4. Supreme Court could rule laws unconstitutional

John Quincy Adams

1. First Minority President

Joseph Smith

1. Translated book of Mormons
2. Founded Mormon religion

Eli Whitney

1. Cotton Gin
2. Mass production
3. Interchangeable parts

Samuel F.B. Morse

1. Morse code
2. Telegraph
3. "What hath God wrought?"

Robert la Salle

1. First European to discover Mississippi River Basin
2. Sailed Mississippi River to Mexico
3. "Father of Louisiana"

Theodore Dwight Weld

1. First school for inter-racial people
2. Abolishionist

John Paul Jones

1. "Father of U.S. Navy"
2. Fighter's Moral/Attitude

Thomas Paine

1. Wrote American Crisis and
2. Common Sense

John Jay

1. Jay Treaty
2. President of supreme court

Martin Van Buren

1. "Van Ruin"
2. President after Andrew Jackson (..NOT Johnson)
3. Continued States into further economic crisis

Harriet Breecher Stowe

1. Wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin
2. Helped Underground Railroad

Harriet Tubman

1. Conductor of Underground Railroad ("operator")
2. "Moses" of her people

Abigail Adams

1. Advocate of women's rights
2. Influenced many powerful men to be women's rights activists (like Sam Adams)

Daniel Webster

1. Compromise of 1850
2. Lincoln/Webster Debates
3. Opposed Slavery and Disunion
4. Famous Lawyer/ Senate Speaker
5. "Liberty and Union, now and forever, one and inseparable"

Robert Fulton

1. Steam boat
2. Submarine

Dred Scott

1. [Slave] Sues master for freedom (Denied)
2. This was called the "Dred Scott Decision"

Alexander Hamilton

1. Helped write book of Federalists
2. Federalists Papers
3. New York Convention attendee

Sam Houston

1. Governer of Tennessee
2. Served in Congress & Senate

Samuel Adams

1. Sons of Liberty
2. Signed Declaration of Independence
3. Committee of Correspondence
4. Articles of Confederation

George Rodgers Clark

1. Delegate to Virginia
2. Worked with Lewis on exploration of Louisiana Territory

Zachary Taylor

1. Defeats Santa Ana
2. March to Rio Grande (Mexican war)
3. Commander of Military in U.S.

Patrick Henry

1. "Father of Anti-Federalists Party"
2. "Give me liberty or give me death"

Winfield Scott

1. "Old Fuss and Feathers"
2. One of the most skillful generals of his time
3. Captured Mexico City

Richard Henry Lee

1. Thought up a Declaration of Independence (executed by Jefferson and Jefferson receives credit for writing America's Declaration of Independence)

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