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  1. This law allowed freedom of worship for all Christians in Maryland to keep the peace between Catholics and Protestants there.
  2. This Puritan theologian was the leader of the first Great Awakening in New England.
  3. What was the name of the system that gave 50 acres of land to anyone who would transport someone [like an indentured servant] to the colony?
  4. Where were women more commonly found: the Chesapeake Bay or New England?
  5. In the Mayflower Compact, what did people agree to be bound to?
  1. a headright system
  2. b Act of Toleration
  3. c the will of the majority
  4. d New England
  5. e Jonathan Edwards

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  1. could
  2. The Half-Way Covenant
  3. interdependent
  4. John Winthrop
  5. antinomianism

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  1. Did most English settlers have a feeling of respect, hostility, or superiority towards the Indians?superiority


  2. What did Roger William oppose that the king of England did?self-government


  3. How did the Virginia Company attract new settlers to its colony after 1609?promising free land at the end of seven years of labor for the company


  4. Who was one of the earliest advocates for religious freedom in American history?The Great Awakening


  5. This prominent New England clergyman helped bring the Salem witchcraft trials to a close.Increase Mather