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  1. An attempt by New England clergymen in 1662 to counteract declining church membership by allowing the children of church members to join even though they had not experienced salvation.
  2. Who provided a relatively cheap and abundant source of labor for Chesapeake tobacco planters?
  3. Who was one of the earliest advocates for religious freedom in American history?
  4. This Virgina settler married and experiments with growing tobacco in the colony.
  5. This adventurer instituted military discipline and perhaps saved the Virginia colony at Jamestown.
  1. a John Rolfe
  2. b Half-Way Covenant
  3. c John Smith
  4. d indentured servants
  5. e Roger Williams

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  1. John Winthrop
  2. superiority
  3. Puritans
  4. Massachusetts
  5. Pilgrims

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  1. What did the Maryland Toleration Act of 1649 provided toleration for?self-government


  2. A prominent humanitarian, he led a group of settlers and helped found the colony of Georgia in 1732.James Oglethorpe


  3. Mostly young and single European immigrants who entered into work contracts for a specified period of years in exchange for free passage to America and sometimes a promise of land at the end of the contract.indentured servants


  4. Did Anne Hutchison claim that believers could or could not communicate directly with God?could


  5. What did the Mayflower Compact provide a foundation for?self-government