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  1. This law allowed freedom of worship for all Christians in Maryland to keep the peace between Catholics and Protestants there.
  2. Where were women more commonly found: the Chesapeake Bay or New England?
  3. An attempt by New England clergymen in 1662 to counteract declining church membership by allowing the children of church members to join even though they had not experienced salvation.
  4. A radical separatist group of English Protestants who settled at Plymouth in order to be left alone to lead a pure and religious life.
  5. What emerged as a cash crop that caused Jamestown to survive as the first permanent British settlement in America?
  1. a tobacco
  2. b Act of Toleration
  3. c New England
  4. d Pilgrims
  5. e Half-Way Covenant

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  1. James Oglethorpe
  2. The Great Awakening
  3. Massachusetts
  4. give away land belonging to the Indians
  5. John Peter Zenger

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  1. Who provided a relatively cheap and abundant source of labor for Chesapeake tobacco planters?indentured servants


  2. Did Anne Hutchison claim that believers could or could not communicate directly with God?could


  3. Who was one of the earliest advocates for religious freedom in American history?Roger Williams


  4. This was used in Virginia to encourage immigration by giving 50 acres of land to any settler who brought a servant.The Half-Way Covenant


  5. How did 17th century English settlers of New England differed from those in Virginia?most Christian churches


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