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Chapter 1 vocabulary

variable expression

an expression that contains a variable (a symbol used to represent one or more numbers)

numeric expression

an expression, such as 4.50 x 4, that names a particular number

simplifying expression

replacing a numerical expression by the simplest name for its value

grouping symbols

a device, such as a pair of parentheses, used to enclose an expression that should be simplified first.


formed by placing equals sign between two numerical or variable expressions, called the sides of the equation

open sentence

sentences containing variables (like the equations 5x - 1 = 9 and y + 2 = 2 + y)


the given set of numbers that a variable can represent

solution / root

any value of a variable that turns an open sentence into a true statement

sum / difference / product / quotient

addition / subtraction / multiplication / division

real numbers

any number that is either positive, negative, or zero


positive integers, negative integers, and zero

whole numbers

zero and all positive integers

inequality symbols

used to show the order of two real numbers (< less than, > greater than)


each number in a pair such as 4 and -4

absolute value

the positive number of any pair of opposite non-zero real numbers is called the absolute value of each number in the pair

solution set

the set of all solutions of an open sentence

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