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You can't bring/use anything you want. The only equipment that may be brought to the ARENA
and used by DRIVE TEAMS during a MATCH is listed below. Regardless if equipment fits criteria
below, it may not be employed in a way that breaks any other rules, introduces a safety hazard
(e.g. a step stool or large signaling device in the confined space of the ALLIANCE STATION are
safety concerns), blocks visibility for FIELD STAFF or audience members, or jams or interferes with
the remote sensing capabilities of another team, or the FIELD, including vision systems, acoustic
range finders, sonars, infrared proximity detectors, etc. (e.g. including imagery that, to a reasonably
astute observer, mimics the Vision Targets used on the FIELD).
B. non-powered signaling devices,
C. reasonable decorative items,
D. special clothing and/or equipment required due to a disability,
E. devices used solely for planning or tracking strategy,
F. devices used solely to record gameplay,
G. non-powered Personal Protective Equipment (examples include, but aren't limited to,
gloves, eye protection, and hearing protection)
Items brought to the ARENA under allowances B-G must meet all of the following conditions:
i. do not connect or attach to the OPERATOR CONSOLE
ii. do not connect or attach to the FIELD or ARENA
iii. do not connect or attach to another ALLIANCE member (other than items in category G)
iv. do not communicate with anything or anyone outside of the ARENA.
v. do not communicate with the TECHNICIAN
vi. do not include any form of enabled wireless electronic communication (e.g. radios, walkie-talkies, cell
phones, Bluetooth communications, Wi-Fi, etc.)
vii. do not in any way affect the outcome of a MATCH, other than by allowing the DRIVE TEAM to plan or
track strategy for the purposes of communication of that strategy to other ALLIANCE members or
viii. use items allowed per part B to communicate with the ROBOT.