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a hard protein material found in the epidermis


structural protein found in the skin and connective tissue


pertaining to under the nail


absence of pigment in the skin


inflammation of the soft tissue around the nail


profuse sweating


fatty mass within a sebaceous gland



Large blisters


small abcess on the skin (collection of pus)


hypertrophied, thickened scar that occurs after trauma or surgical incision

inflammatory disease of the joints and collagen of the skin; can affect other body organs

systemic lupus erythematosus

moles that can develop into malignant melanoma

dysplastic nevi

bed sore; break in continuity of skin

decubitus ulcer

chronic recurrent dermatosis with silvery gray scales covering red patches in skin


a dermatomycosis

tinea fungal infection (ringworm)

layers of growth are removed and examined microscopically

moh's surgery

which term describes the spread of malignant tumors to a distant lacation?


which is an example of a solid tumor derived from epithelial tissue?

Adenocarcinoma of the lung

which is a description of a fungating tumor?

Mushrooming pattern of growth as tumor cells pile on top of each other

which term includes sessile and pedunculated types of growths?


what term describes localized tumor growth?

Carcinoma in situ

what does staging a tumor mean?

Assessing the extent of tumor spread

what does mutagenic mean?

pertaining to causing genetic change

what is the definition of a mutaion?

change in genetic material (DNA) of a cell

which is an example of genetic material that causes cancer?


local anesthesia is defined in the cpt guidlines as

local infiltration, metacarpal, matatarsal/ digital block or topical anesthesia

what code is used to report routine postoperative care


excision including simple closer of benign lesions of the skin includes this type of anesthesia


what are the divisions of the surgery section based on?

medical specialty or body system

know the definition of a "separate surgery"

considerd minor procedures that are reported when they are the only service performed or when along with a major procedure of a different site

know the contents of a surgical package

pre-op visit, intra-op services, post-op visits, usual complication, typical follow up care

the removal of a lesion by transverse incision that did not require sutured closure is reported using codes from which subsection

11300 shaving of epidermal or dermal lesions

excision defined as full thickness would be through the:


using the "rule of nines", adult legs are what percentage of the human body?

18% each leg 36% total

mohs micrographic surgery requires a single physician to act in two intergrated but separate and distinct capabilities of a surgeon and an:


what two items are needed to correctly code for local treatment of burns?

percent and depth

when reporting a staged procedure what modifier is assed to the cpt code?


which modifier indicates a significant, separately indentifiable e/m service?


to properly code lesion excision, you must know the behavior and the narrowest margin about the lesion, in addition to the following:

site, number, size

the method used by the physician to obtain a lesion biopsy depends on which set of factors?

size and type

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