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American Horizons Ch 19


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Emilio Aguinaldo
led freedom fighters aiding US in phillipenes
Anti-Imperial League
held many well known members and opposed imperialism by US
Clara Barton
with the red cross found it hard to get medical supplies to troops
Albert Beveridge
senator who exclaimed old fashion "America"
James Blaine
secretary of state who said our great demand is expansion
Empress Dowager Cixi
encouraged boxers to target christians
George Dewey
defeated spanish in Manilla Bay without losing a single man
Sanford Dole
organized a coup and overthrew the queen of Hawaii
WEB Du Bois
was part of the imperial league
Enrique Dupuy de Lome
wrote a letter which was intercepted by US was also Spain's minister in Washington
Gentlemans Agreement
agreement between Roosevelt and japan to end anti asian hysteria in california and end asian laborer immigration
Benjamin Harrison
chief architect on new US foreign policy document
John Hay
secretary of state who called it a "splendid little war"
William Hearst and Joseph Pullitzer
owned papers which competed for top readers
George Hoar
senator who had famous quote and opposed imperialism
Insular Cases
supreme court ruled that US laws did not extend to territories
last queen of Hawaii
Alfred Mahan
emerged as leading proponent of new navy
Maine battleship
ordered to Havana harbor to protect US citizens
Tariff Mckinley
ended hawaiis favored status and threatened sugar industry there
William McKinley
sought a diplomatic solution to cuban crisis
Open Door Policy
requested other countries to open up areas for US to compete with chinese trade
Panama Canal
reduced distance from NY to SF to 5300 miles
Platt Amendment
gave US the authority to intervene and maintain Cuban independance
Roosevelt corollary
addition to monroe doctrine which allowed US to intervene in Latin American affairs in order to suppress european influence
Theodore Roosevelt
president who played a key role in establishing the US as an imperial power
Rough Riders
national heroes known for their daring exploits during battle led by Teddy R.
Russo-Japanese War
war between Russia and Japan which Roosevelt brokered a peace agreement
Josiah Strong
leading spokesman for anglo saxonism in the US
William Taft
first governor general of the Philippines
Teller Amendment
stated US would not colonize Cuba
Frederick Jackson Turner
wrote the significance of the American Frontier in America
United Fruit Company
company that grew drastically in latin america
Booker T. Washington
endorsed self governance for the philippines
Leonard Wood
assumed position of military governor in Cuba in 1899
Yellow Journalism
provoked public support for cuban rebels