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Isopods are...
How many species of isopods do we know of?
How do isopods breathe?
With gills
Where do isopods live?
Marine, freshwater, and terrestrial environments
When threatened, pillbugs ___________ and sow bugs __________
Curl into a ball, try to flee
Habitat of pillbugs
Moist, dim/dark, under rocks, logs, boards, leaves, etc.
What do pillbugs eat?
Decaying wood, leaves, and other vegetation
How long are pillbugs?
5-15 mm
What are the 3 body parts of pillbugs?
Head, thorax, and abdomen
Describe a pillbug's body
Exoskeleton with shield-like plates, body flattened laterally, 7 identical jointed appendages, 1 pair antennae, 1 pair compound eyes
How are pillbugs born?
They hatch from eggs which are carried in a pouch under the female's thorax. They are self-sufficient upon hatching.
How do pillbugs grow?
They molt their exoskeletons
What is taxis?
The turning of an animal's body relative to a stimulus
What is kinesis?
The random movement of an animal in relation to a stimulus