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AP Euro Unit 1 Test

Which of the Following is more accurate
MEdieval Europe was a feudal society with an agricultural economy and domination by the church whereas Renaissance Europe was characterized by a grouwing national consciousness and political centralization
Endemic warfar between the pope and the Holy Roman Emperor
assisted the growth of Italian city-states
Cosimo de Medici brough stability to this city after his rise to power in 1434
The First Humanist were
orators and poets
He was known as the father of humanism
Francesco Petrarch
Which of the following wa the most important intellectual recovery made during the Italian Renaissance
Greek studies
Who is considered as the father of Renaissance painting
His most famous painting is the Mona Lsa
Leonardo da Vinci
Erasmus had a profound effect and influence upon this individual
Martin Luther
Humanism prepared the way for protestant reforms in all of the following countries (germany, spain, france, england, the netherlands) except
By the time of Spanish conquest, the aztecs ruled almost all of
central mexico
He was by far the most outspoken critic of the Spanish conqerors
Bartolomé de las Casas
Which of the following are the three major components of the colonial exonomy of Latin America
shipping, agriculture, and mining
The reformation broke out first in the cities of
Switzerland and Germany
An indulgence was
a remission of the temporal penalty imposed on penitents by priest as a work of satisfaction for their confessed mortal sins
Luther's 95 theses
sparked the Reformation in Germany
Luther's Address to the Christian Nobility of the German Nation, he urged the German princes to
force reforms on the Roman Catholic Church
The freedom of a chirstian, written by Martin Luther summarized the new teaching of salvation
by faith alon
The reformation in Zurich was led by
Ulrich Zwingli
Anabaptists are the 16th-century ancestors of which of the following modern groups:
Anabaptism desired
rapid and thorough implementation of Apostolic Christianity.
The Peace of Augsburg recognized in law what had already been established in practice,:
the ruler ofa land would determine the religion of the land.
Henry VIII would rule the church in England "as far as Christ allows."
The Book of Common Prayer, written by Thomas Cranmer, was imposed onall English churches by
The act of Uniformity
Ignatius of Loyola taught good Catholics to
submit without question to higher church authority and spiritual direction
The council of Trent's most important reforsm concerned
internal church discipline
The characterization "magesterial reformers" refers to the
role of reformers such as Luther, Zwingli, and Calvin
Protestants were more likely than Catholics to
permit divorce
The canonical, or church sanction age for marriage prior to the 16th century was which of the following ages for men
Work of Cervantes that is well known
Don Quixote