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The 250 Most Difficult SAT Words Set 17D

Sets B, C, and D give example sentences of the words taken from the 250 SAT Word series. Users should combine from 3 to 5 sets marked B, C, or D together - for example, 1C, 2C, 3C, and 4C - and generate multiple choice question tests to practice SAT-like questions. Sample test: http://quizlet.com/test/340629%252C341014%252C342046%252C344348&mult_choice=on&prompt-def=1&limit=40/
However, when scientists first tried to work out how life on Earth got started, they had to perfect their understanding of the original _______________ gases, and whether and how such gases changed their nature.
While it does not pretend to be comprehensive, The Spirit of the Letter manages to provoke many questions about the _______________ and varied role of lettering, from typography to bravura calligraphy, public inscriptions to computer-generated letter forms.
With the economy in the worst recession for thirty years, it was scarcely the most _______________ time to start up a company.
They go there to indulge their amphibian _______________ in diving for small fish, and enjoying the cool depths of the water.
Despite his _______________ appearance and generally practical walk of life, Father Brown was not without a certain streak of romance in his composition, though he generally kept his daydreams to himself, as many children do.
_______________ is not unlike having a presage, except that it is a complete foreknowledge rather than just a sign.
When Moses came down from the mountaintop all set to _______________ God's commandments, he freaked out on discovering his followers worshiping a golden calf.
Some decades later Pecquet asserted flatly that deceit in diplomacy was positively dangerous and that truth and _______________ are the two qualities most essential to the success of a public minister.
Obscene material is material which deals with sex in a manner appealing to _______________ interest.
The Athletics Federation have banned the runner from future races for using _______________ drugs.