Wellness and Fitness Final Review

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The three types of knowledge that influence a teacher's delivery of instruction and ability to provide feedback are
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Teachers are expected to make accommodations for any students who are on an IEP or 504 plan. IEP stands for ___________________________________.Individualized education planAccess to equipment and facilities does not influence a teacher's decision in the curriculum model used to frame a unit of instruction.FALSEThe four phases of the skill theme approach arebasic skill, combination, skills in context, culminating eventUnique characteristics of the tactical games model includegames classification system, levels of tactical complexity, tactical frameworks, lesson sequence of game, questioning, practice, gameThe five levels of teaching personal and social responsibility arerespecting the rights and feelings of others, effort and cooperation, self-direction, helping others and leadership, taking TPSR outside the gymIn the sport education model, students are on the same teams for 10 to 20 lessons and each assumes a role and responsibility in addition to being a player.TRUEThe five components of adventure education aresequence and flow of activities, experiential cycle, full-value contract, challenge by choice, teacher in role as facilitatorThe ___________________________________ emphasizes how students can optimize their health and be involved in classroom, laboratory, and physical activity experiences.Concepts-based physical education model___________________________________ is based on activities occurring in a natural setting where there is no control over the environment and where people may encounter potentially hazardous situations.Outdoor educationThe three content strands of the cultural studies model in relation to sport and physical activity include personal dimensions, connecting to the school and local community, and connecting to global society.TRUEA set of rules for your gymnasium is necessary only if you have badly behaved students.FALSEAn intervention scale provides a way of ensuring that you intervene appropriately based on student behavior.TRUETo ensure that all students can see and hear your instruction, you should gather them in a ____________________.semicircleMoving students around the gymnasium, particularly from one phase of a lesson to another, is known as a _____________.TRANSITIONAll of the following except one give good advice about managing equipment.Put all your equipment in a single place so that students can find it.Graham, Holt/Hale, and Parker (2013) suggest that you should ask four questions after your students are active. Which of the following is of these four questions?Is the activity safe? Are my students on task? Do I need to make any changes for the class as a whole? Do I need to make any changes for individuals?Which of the following would be an appropriate way to select teams for game play?Group students by color of shirt or birth date. Each student finds a partner, and partners face each other along a line to make two teams. You select the teams.Which of the following should have a routine established in your class?entry and exit transitions monitoring student activityGrouping by shirt color is a fair way to make teams.TRUEMetzler (2011) refers to a teacher who uses indirect teaching styles as being a "guide on the side."TRUEThe size of your gym will have nothing to do with the number of students you place in a group.FALSEReciprocal style teaching is characterized by students working in pairs to assist each other's learning.TRUEWhen learners use problem-solving skills to determine the correct answer or solution to a new question or problem. the teacher is using _____________ style instruction.convergent discovery______________________ style is question driven with a sequence of logically ordered questions designed to guide learning of concepts.Guided discovery______________________ style is a style in which learners use problem-solving skills to determine varying answers or solutions to a new question or problem.Divergent discoverySMART goals are goals that arespecific, measurable, agreed upon, realistic, and time-basedTeaching cues are best defined asshort precise statements to focus student attention on the critical elements of performanceSelf check method is when students use a teacher provided self-check list to aid in learning.TRUEIn practice style learning students decide on the level of challenge that suits them best and engage at that level.FALSETeacher controls all decisions and students focus on replicating a specified performance is what instructional style?CommandFor an assessment to be valid, it must also be reliable.TRUEFitness scores are appropriate for inclusion in a physical education grading scheme.FALSEAssessment that is done to diagnose a student's strengths and weaknesses is known as ______________ assessment.FormativeAssessment that is done to assign grades is known as _________________ assessment.SummativeConsultation with experts to establish the validity of an assessment is known as establishing content validity.trueTo establish whether conducting an assessment is feasible, you should ask all of the following questions:Do I have the right equipment? Have I taught the content sufficiently? Do I have enough time?Which of the following would be considered an affective assessment?an advocacy campaign designed to motivate friends and family to be physically activeA correlation coeffecient of .2 would note a strong relationship.FALSEFormal cognitive and affective assessments are most used in assessing student performance on National Standards 1, 4, and 5.FALSEWhich of the following does the fitnessgram measure?aerobic endurance flexibility muscular endurance