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Theology of the Body Unit 5


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God's chief attribute; The act of giving a person more than what is owed them; it is what happens when God's love meets human sin and suffering
love that is not controlled by another person
love without strings attached that holds nothing back
love that is committed and that keeps its promise no matter how your feelings change
love that is life giving because it is free total and faithful; open to new life
Intentionally preventing pregnancy from occurring (CCC 2370)
any act that exposes sexuality or the act of sex with the purpose of making money
the deliberate arousal of the person to derive sexual pleasure; these acts are working against one of the good that sex is geared towards (new life)
attraction that a man or a woman has to the same sex; not in and of itself sinful because it is not freely chosen
homosexual ACTS
actions that sex sexual arousal with a person of the same sex; these acts are against their nature because they aren't geared towards new life
statement by the Church that explains that a couple was never really united in marriage despite the appearance of having been married
legal document given by the state that declared that the legal status of marriage is dissolved
How does Jesus deal with sexual sin?
He doesn't condemn us and wants to meet us in our sin and reveal our sins to us; not a fan of sin and wants us to stop; we aren't supposed to condemn others of their sins
How does porn affect our behavior?
it is addictive and changes the way the body responds to pleasure; gives people an illusion of love without the real relationship. Our hearts take from others and we don't give out full selves. It is also connected with human trafficking
What can we learn about how Jesus views marriage from Matthew 19:1-15?
It is seen as a sacrament; two souls should unite as one flesh (act of God's grace and our freedom); what God has joined nobody can separate, therefore, marriage doesn't end until death; children are a blessing
Why does the Church speak out against homosexual acts, contraception, masturbation and pornography?
The acts all do damage to the love we were created for; the actions reduce the sexual act by keeping it from creating new life
What is the relationship between contraception and other other actions that the Church speaks out against?
it acts as a catalyst because it separates the act of sex creating babies; sex becomes just an act of pleasure; this affects how we see others, love, and the aspect of marriage
What is the difference between a desire/attraction and action?
a desire is okay because it can't be a sin because we can't choose our desires; we need to be aware of our desires because some may be morally wrong. Acting one bad desires can be sinful, but God;s mercy always wants us to flourish
How can someone fight their lust?
avoid the tempting situations; receive the sacraments frequently; keep yourself busy; most of all, pray for the strength to keep yourself accountable
What is God's mercy and why is it important?
his love that seeks us out even though we don't deserve it; it makes us like himself. it is the reason God created and became man; we have to accept it for ourselves because he won't just force it on us
What's the difference between a non-fruitful heterosexual act of sex and any of the acts that the church is opposed to?
Non-fruitful can still be open to new life because that's how God created it to be. All the other actions the church is opposed to isn't okay because it doesn't create new life.
Explain the difference between NFP and contraception
Contraception is ALWAYS sinful and NFP is SOMETIMES sinful. Contraception isn't the natural way of having sex. NFP works with the natural fertility cycle of the woman.