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sociology final: chapter 13: quiz questions

the first chapter 13 lesson video illustrates
how the soviet government fostered prejudice, then discrimination and finally genocide
enthnocentrism refers to the tendency to ____ that one's own culture and way of life are _____
assume, superior
When racism prevails in society, members of subordinate groups generally experience: _____, _____, _____
exploitation, prejudice, discrimination
Prejudice is to discrimination as attitude is to _____
Recent Chinese immigrants to the us often find jobs working in sweatshops in nyc's Chinatown, where they work 16 or more hours a day in the garment industry, earning less than minimum wage. The big businesses that hire these illegal and often uninformed immigrants illustrates...
exploitation theory
A Columbian woman and an Italian man, working together as members of a construction crew, overcome their initial prejudices and come to appreciate each other's talents and strengths. This is an example of...
contact hypothesis
Which sociologist suggested that interracial coalitions would most likely reduce racial and ethnic stereotyping and prejudice? (karl marx, William Julius Wilson, Robert blauner, roscoe cox)
william julius wilson
Segregation refers to the act of _____
physically separating two groups
The civil rights movement of the 1960's had little impact on _____
institutional discrimination
An unreliable generalization about all members of a group that does not recognize individual differences within the group is referred to as a _____
Which of the following is a minority group in the US? ( women, protestants, whites)
Mary believes that all men are "pigs." This is an example of _____
At one time, many Puerto Ricans were effectively barred from serving in the Chicago police department because they failed to meet the height requirement. This is an example of _____
institutional discrimination