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Chapter 5: William Penn and the Colony of Pennsylvania


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William Penn
member of Society of Friends in England; jailed in England for his religious beliefs; freed by king and given land in the New World
October 24, 1644
Date William Penn was born
Words to describe William Penn
charming, good negotiator, fair
Society of Friends
religious group persecuted for their beliefs; believed all men were created equal; also known as Quakers
George Fox
English religious leader who founded the Society of Friends (1624-1691)
3 ideas William Penn set up in his colony
all people are born equal, religious freedom, people can run their own government
Reason William Penn started the colony of Pennsylvania
he wanted to create a place where people of all religions could live in peace.
Penn's Woods
What Pennsylvania means
Holy Experiment
William Penn's plan for his new colony was called this
3 ways the Native Americans helped the Quakers
taught them how to use their natural resources, taught them how to hunt, taught them how to fair
Philadelphia means
City of Brotherly Love
Great Law
Penn's law stating all people were born equal; allowed people of the colony to worship in the religion of their choice
Frame of Government
allowed settlers to set up a general assembly
General Assembly
a group of people chosen by the people to make up rules to govern the colony
Charter of Privileges
allowed for freedom of religion; allowed the colony to suggest laws to England 1701
being part of a racial, cultural, or religious group
disliking or mistreating someone because of their race, religion, or nation
appreciating all of our differences and what makes us unique
people who move their country to live in another country
immigrants who brought the catholic religion to Pennsylvania
England, Germany, Switzerland
countries where many of Pennsylvania's early colonists came from
German religious group; simple lives; Men and women whether married or not lived separate. Children did not live with their parents. They were cared for at a day care.
Church of the Brethren
German religious group; Dunkards ~ baptized people by dunking them into a stream; simple lives; brethren = brother; worshiped in separate building; slept on a hard board and wooden block for a pillow
Seventh Day Baptist
a group that broke away from the Church of the Brethren; quiet and prayerful lives; built large house used for worship as they did in Germany
place for religious worship
distinctive religious group that is distinguished by its plain dress, horse and buggy mode of transportation, and separation from modern society.
indentured servant
people who could not afford to pay for the ocean voyage and worked 7 yeas for people who paid the captain for their trip

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