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Shanahan Early Man Summative

A person that studies artifacts
a society that has cities, government, and specialized workers
Modern humans and the ancestors of modern humans
The recorded events of people from the past
a system to water dry crops used by people in the ancient world
oral tradition
stories passed by word of mouth from generation to generation
The period of time in the past before writing was invented
social class
Priests, nobles, and slaves are examples of this
more than what is needed of something like food.
a person with no settled home
a worker who is especially skilled at crafting items by hand
to tame animals and breed them for human use
a person who studies written records and why societies survive.
By hunting animals and gathering wild plants
How did people in the Old Stone Age get their food?
New Stone Age
During what time did people begin to farm the land for the first time?
use fire
During pre-history people developed the ability to do what?
A surplus of food allowed people to the New Stone Age to become___________.
a dependable water source
What did farming settlements in the New Stone Age need in order to develop into cities?
social classes
A characteristic of a civilization in the ancient world
a trader
Who would best be able to spread new ideas and tools from one civilization to another?
What does the word part "pre" mean?
By studying his clothing, tools, and body
How did scientists learn more about the Iceman's life?
because regular flooding provided rich soil for farming.
Why did the ancient Egyptian civilization begin on the banks of the Nile River?
Old Stone Age
Almost all of human prehistory took place during this time.
The beginning of farming
What is the major difference beween the Old Stone Age and the New Stone Age?
hunting and gathering
How did people get their food during the Old Stone Age?
They settled in one place
How did farming change the way early people lived?
having surplus food
What factor let to rapid population growth?
develop into cities.
Having a dependable water source helped some farming settlements do what?