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The energy cycle in the ocean involves plankton. Organic matter is eventually broken down by bacteria and other organisms. This recycles the nutrients for other plankton growth
Red tides
A. Typically last from 3-4 months
B. Indicate blooms from potentially toxic dinoflagellates
C. occur mainly during the summer
D. can be caused by pr exacerbated by aquaculture
E. All but (a)...ANSWER
Red Tides may be caused by:
A. A rapid surge of nutrients into the photic zone
B. Longer days and more sunlight
C. Warmer water (which may increase reproduction rate)
D. All of the above (ANSWER)
Which of the following are correct?
A. Uwa pROFESSOR Carlos Duarte says mesopelagic fish constitute 95% of the worlds fish biomass,
B. the mesopelagic layer of the ocean is between 100m and 1000
C. the mesopelagic layer may play a significant role in the functioning of the ocean, affecting the flow of carbon and oxygen in the ocean
D. Most mesopelagic species tend to feed near the surface at night and move to deeper layers in the daytime to avoid birds.
-fish farming, is also a growing source of nutrients for harmful blooms