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  1. Semilunar valves can be found in which blood vessel?
  2. The wall of each chamber is composed of cardiac muscle tissue usually referred to as the
  3. The heart has its own special covering, a lining of two layers of fibrous tissue called the
  4. The outermost layer of the larger blood vessels is the
  5. The normal cardiac impulse that initiates mechanical contraction of the heart arises in the
  1. a SA node.
  2. b tunica adventitia.
  3. c pericardium.
  4. d vein
  5. e myocardium.

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  1. valves.
  2. It flows into the inferior vena cava.
  3. sphygmomanometer.
  4. systemic circulation.
  5. capillaries

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  1. The normal ECG is composed of the following exceptE wave.


  2. Cardiac output is determined byleft ventricle


  3. The aorta carries blood out of which chamber?left ventricle


  4. The outer layer of the pericardium is called theparietal pericardium.


  5. A graphic record of the heart's electrical activity is a(n)ECG.