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  1. token
  2. hash table
  3. ambiguity
  4. finite automaton
  5. production
  1. a an occurrence of a word, name, or sequence of characters having a meaning as a unit in a language.
  2. b an abstract computer consisting of an alphabet of symbols, a finite set of states, a starting state, a subset of accepting states, and transition rules that specify transitions from one state to another depending on the input symbol. The machine begins in the starting state; for each input symbol, it makes a transition as specified by the transition rules. If the automaton is in an accepting state at the end of the input, the input is recognized. Also, finite state machine. Abbreviated FA.
  3. c a case where more than one interpretation is possible.
  4. d a table that associates key values with data by use of a hash function.
  5. e a rule of a context-free grammar, specifying that a nonterminal symbol can be replaced by another string of symbols.

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  1. a sequence of symbols that matches a contiguous subsequence of another string.
  2. in a grammar for a shift-reduce parser, a case in which an input might either be shifted onto the stack or reduced.
  3. in a grammar, a case where A ⇒ A α for some nonterminal symbol A. In top-down parsing, left recursion will cause an infinite recursion. Also, describes such a production.
  4. L(G), the set of strings that can be derived from a grammar, beginning with the start symbol.
  5. the meaning of a statement in a language. cf. syntax.

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  1. precedencean ordering of operators that specifies that certain operators should be performed before others when no ordering is otherwise specified.


  2. suffixa sequence of symbols at the end of a string.


  3. basic typea data type that is implemented in computer hardware instructions, such as integer or real.


  4. recognizerlexical analyzer.


  5. grammara formal specification of a language, consisting of a set of nonterminal symbols, a set of terminal symbols or words, and production rules that specify transformations of strings containing nonterminals into other strings.


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