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  1. record
  2. operator
  3. semantics
  4. collision
  5. Kleene closure
  1. a zero or more occurrences of a grammar item; indicated by a superscript *.
  2. b a symbol that denotes an operation to be performed on data in an expression.
  3. c the meaning of a statement in a language. cf. syntax.
  4. d a data area consisting of contiguous component fields, which may be of different types.
  5. e in a hash table, a case in which a symbol has the same hash function value as another symbol.

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  1. the initial, or sentence nonterminal symbol S of a grammar.
  2. a case where more than one interpretation is possible.
  3. a basic symbol in a language; e.g., a variable name would be a lexeme for a grammar of a programming language.
  4. a self-balancing binary search tree.
  5. an occurrence of a word, name, or sequence of characters having a meaning as a unit in a language.

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  1. substringa sequence of symbols or characters.


  2. observabilitythe ability to observe the state of a system. For software, the provision of built-in code to allow the internal operations of a program to be easily observed.


  3. storage allocationthe assignment of memory locations to data and program code.


  4. preorderan order of visiting trees, in which a node is examined first, followed by recursive examination of its children, in left-to-right order, in the same fashion.


  5. shift-reduce conflictin a grammar for a shift-reduce parser, a case in which an input might either be shifted onto the stack or reduced.