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  1. they showed that organic molecules such as amino acids could be produced from inorganic molecules
  2. wolf
  3. the homolog has evolved more slowly in mice.

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  1. Earth probably formed _____ years ago, and the first life evolved as early as _____ years ago.
    4.5 billion years ago ... 3.9 billion years ago
    Humans observed neither event, so there is no way to tell.
    6,000 years ago ... 6,000 years ago
    3.9 million years ago ... 2.0 billion years ago
    10 billion years ago ... 4.5 billion years ago
    allows us to indirectly date fossils up to billions of years old based on minerals in surrounding volcanic strata


  2. Evolution works by _____.

    "tinkering" with existing structures
    predicting the future
    molding the environment to conform to the organisms living in it
    constantly increasing complexity
    converging on a particular phenotype
    "tinkering" with existing structures


  3. Which of these are homologous structures?

    There are no homologous plant structures.
    Ivy leaf and pine needle
    Plant root and plant leaf
    "tinkering" with existing structures


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