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  1. elucidate
  2. dichotomy
  3. diadem
  4. diaphanous
  5. eschew
  1. a to make clear
  2. b a crown
  3. c a division into two parts
  4. d to keep away from; to avoid; to shun
  5. e very sheer and light

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  1. remarkably bad; outrageous
  2. to come forth; to send forth
  3. boredom; a weariness resulting from a lack of interest
  4. to weaken
  5. a supposed remedy for all ailments

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  1. eclecticchoosing from various sources


  2. edifyimprove someone morally


  3. elegyimprove someone morally


  4. elicitto draw forth; to call forth


  5. endemicboredom; a weariness resulting from a lack of interest