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Crusades Questions

help remember the 3(and more) crusades
They took Syria and Palestine from the Fatimid dynasty.
The Seljuks wanted to expand their territory by doing what?
The Christian faith and a red cross
What inspired many people to wear a specific symbol? Also, what was the symbol?
Money, land, religious feelings, adventure
What were 4 resasons why crusaders would volunteer to fight in the crusades?
False 1095
By 1065, the seljuks had advanced within 100 miles of the Byzantine capitol of Constantinople. True or False
Anatolia and headed south towards Palestine
About 30,000 crusaders fought their way through what, and headed to where?
50,000 crusaders and Damascus
How many crusaders marched to what city which was on the way to Edessa?
He freed or sold them for ransom
What did Salah al-Din do when he captured Jerusalem?
signed a peace treaty
In September 1192, the two leaders did what in the 3rd crusade?
become christian or leave the country
In the Reconquista, Jews were told to do what?
the Kingdom of Granada and the southern coast of Spain
In 1248, what remained in Muslim hands?