20 terms

Theater 100 final

What is the basic purpose of theatre design?
To transform something for it to be seen by a willing viewer
In ancient Greece, all of the actors were men. True or False?
What is the initial framework for design?
The play itself
What fostered the first great phase of scene design?
development of European indoor stage
When did controllable indoor lighting first come into use?
What is a box set?
three dimensional construction of interconnected hard covered "flats" representing the walls and occasionally the callings of a real room
What is the difference between realistic scene design and metaphoric scene design?
Realistic scenery attempts to depict in great detail a specific time and place in great detail, whilst Metaphoric scenery targets the use of visual images that seeks to evoke the plays theme, mood or political/social implications.
What are the traditional building blocks of stage scenery?
platforms, flats, and draperies
What is a scrim?
a theatrical fabric woven so finely that when lit from the front it appears opaque and when lit from the front it appears opaque and when lit from behind it becomes transparent. A scrim is often used for surprise effects or to create a mysterious mood.
What are the two purposes of properties (props) and furniture?
establishes realism and enhances mood and style
What was the purpose of the overhead fluorescent lighting in Arnold Bennet's History Boys?
To convey the institutional rigidity of modern education, in which both student and teacher struggle in engage and assert their basic humanity.
What 2 inventions brought stage lighting into its modern phase?
electricity and gas light
What was the major advantage of electricity over gas lighting?
fully self starting and can turn off whenever need be
What are the two primary considerations of lighting design?
Focus and visibility
What are two common goals of the lighting designer?
verisimilitude and atmosphere
What are "lighting practicals"?
any unit on stage that needs to be electrified
What are the two major preparations of the lighting designer?
light plot and cue
What are the four functions of modern costume design?
first, it retains at least a hint of the ceremonial magic that ancient priests and shamans once conjured; second, the costumes of a play show us what sort of world we are asked to enter, not only in its historical place and period but by implication its social and cultural values as well; third, the individual costumes can express the specific individuality of each character's role; fourth, the costume serves as wearable clothing for the actor
What is the difference between costume "roughs" and "renderings"?
"roughs" are quick sketches in black and white, "renderings" are the fully drawings with color and detail
What are the two functions of stage makeup and be able to give examples of illustrative makeup and stylized makeup.
the 2 functions are ceremonial and illustrative. Illustrative make up is used change the appearance of an actor to that of the character. E.g. Brain d' Arcy as shrek, in T.S Elliot's Cats, Cyranos big nose and Peter Pan. Whilst ceremonial make up represents the actor as a super human presence and is used to reflect one's own individual self or traditions e.g. traditional Chinese xiqu actor, African shaman and black grease stripes under the eyes for the New York Giants.